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Mom Coaching ​

Moms play many roles. I'm here to help you sort it all out and help you achieve calm and a sense of having it all under control. Using coaching techniques & organizational tools, along with creating mind set shifts you will leave our time together feeling more peaceful, confident and joyful.

Parenting Support ​

Whether you want to be proactive and ensure your are using best practices or you are really struggling in your parenting, I am here to be a confidential space for you to be heard and to gain skills & strategies.

Early Childhood Educator Support

Bringing 15 years of leadership in an Early Childhood Center, I am here to help you lead yours! Through staff workshops & early teacher trainings or 1:1 support to problem solve or grow in your expertise, I am here to provide support for early childhood educators in curriculum, behavior management, systems, document creation, team leadership and growth. 

Moms- Supporting YOU!
Parents- Supporting your PARENTING! 
Educators- Supporting your Leadership, Curriculum & Systems.

Are you questioning your worth in parenting your child? Are you stressed out and angry because you don't know how to handle your child's behaviors? Are you losing your cool and feeling ashamed about it.  Are you trying to figure out how to do it all? Are you wanting to ensure you are giving your child the best in their early years. 

I'm here to listen and hold space for your unique situation and to give you SYSTEMS, SUPPORT and STRATEGIES that will enable you to deal with all kinds of behaviors. You will feel CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED in your PARENTING.


In addition my passion is giving moms the support they need to balance parenting and work life and to help them bring out their innate worth and power and go about their days with inner peace.  I want to help you get the most out of your relationships, feel calm inside and share your gifts with the world.


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Meet Mimi


Certified Coach

Parenting Expert   

Hi! My name is Mimi. My goal is to give families the support they need to gain more confidence in their parenting and in themselves.

I bring 15 years of experience working with families of young children guiding, directing, coaching and mentoring parents and educators. I served as the director of an early childhood center for 15 years and taught in an early childhood classroom before that. I hold a Masters degree in education with additional trainings in early childhood. I am a certified coach.


I have hands on experience through birthing and raising my own seven children. I recently set a goal to learn to run and I ran a half marathon a few months later. In addition I gained the confidence to make some major changes in my life after years of wanting to and now I want to help others practically make their dreams happen and their relationships the way they want them to be.  I hope to use my years of experience to make your parenting journey more joyful!



Parenting Classes & Mentoring


Parenting can be joyful and stressful. Learning parenting techniques and building skills will give you confidence in your parenting and teach you how to navigate all kinds of behaviors and build an extraordinary relationship with your child.

In group classes or private sessions you will learn tools to navigate parenting and feel confident that you are giving your child the best. I have created a systems approach for you to follow simply and implement easily. 

I am here to support you through challenging behavior your child is having, navigating meals, sleep or other child raising needs or to give you overall guidance on best practices for young children and healthy relationship building sand strategies for building optimal brain development in your child. 

Mom Coaching 

As a certified coach, I offer coaching to parents to help them get rid of the feeling of overwhelm and to feel confident, joyful and empowered.  


I am here to listen and hold space for your personal experience. 

I am here to help you reconnect with yourself, your partner, and find a joyful connection with your child. 


I am also here to help you achieve your goals that may have gotten lost after having kids. I help you get back to finding You! It really is possible! 

Early Childhood Director & Educator Support


Workshops, Professional Development & 1:1 Coaching for Early Childhood Directors & Educators. 

Directors are busy! I am here to provide 1:1 coaching for staff or for directors that are new to the leadership position or are looking for someone to answer questions as they arise for your particular situation. I have tons of resources to guide you in curriculum planning, organization of your spaces and systems, to navigate relationships with families & staff, practical guidance on things to include in handbooks and emails and anything Montessori & Reggio related.


Guidance on handling all kinds of behaviors, conscious discipline training and developmentally appropriate classroom activities are some of my niches. I know how hard directing & teaching can be and I’d love to support you and make your life easier. The coaches I had in my earlier years is what got me to where I am and I want to now be there for others in that way! 

Children's Room

Client Reviews 

"I recently had the opportunity to work with Mimi Wilhelm as she  helped me transition into a new role as a director. She was knowledgeable, patient, and always ready to listen to my concerns and offer valuable insights.


Throughout the coaching process, I learned a wide range of skills that have already proven to be invaluable in my new position. I learned how to implement a vision for the preschool, 

effectively lead and create a team culture, and how to navigate 

 relationships with parents as challenges arise.


But perhaps most importantly,Mimi gave me the confidence and support I needed to successfully begin a new role."


"It’s a pleasure working with Mimi! Mimi has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in early childhood education. She has a ton of first hand experience  in directing a very successful and professional preschool.


In addition, Mimi is very practical and takes the time to explain procedures in a clear fashion to enable you to understand and be able to take action steps. She listens to your individual needs and supports the areas that you are looking for support in. 


She has given me the skills and empowered me to make big things happen!"

- Mushka 

"Mimi is a source of positive energy for all around her, seeking to better the world in her brief interactions with people as well as in her long term relationships.  Mimi easily recognizes people’s strengths to build on them, while supporting their growth in other areas.


She encouraged my professional growth by providing strong leadership, listening intently to my questions and my goals, and supporting them with encouragement and resources. I will always appreciate my time being coached by her and all she has taught me."



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