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Nurturing & Impactful Support for your Parenting Journey

  • Postpartum Support 

  • Parenting Classes & Individual Mentoring

  • Mom Coaching

Meet Mimi


Certified Coach

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Early Childhood Expert   

I am here to give families the support they need to gain more confidence in their parenting and in themselves. Im all about practical solutions & systems.

I bring 15 years of experience working with families of young children guiding, directing, coaching and mentoring parents and educators.

I served as the director of a Montessori inspired early childhood center for 12 years and taught in an early childhood classroom before that. I hold a Masters degree in education with additional trainings in early childhood.

I am a certified birth and postpartum doula.

I am a certified coach.

In addition I have gained so much experience through birthing and raising my own seven children.

I hope to use my years of experience to make your parenting journey lees tearful and more joyful!

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Postpartum Support 

As a certified postpartum doula, 

I am here to support you through those first few months after giving birth. 

Caring for a newborn can be overwhelming and as a doula, I am there to hold your baby, be a resource for infant care, and to be an extra hand and support to you in your home. 

Private classes available to prepare you to care for your newborn during pregnancy or after birth. 

$50 per hour

Minimum 10 hours 

Flexible Schedule discussed with family to meet individual needs 

Parenting Workshops & 

1:1 Parenting Mentoring


Parenting can be joyful and stressful. Learning parenting techniques and building skills will give you confidence in your parenting and teach you how to navigate all kinds of behaviors and build an extraordinary relationship with your child.

In group classes or private sessions you will learn tools to navigate parenting and feel confident that you are giving your child the best. I have created a systems approach for you to follow simply and implement easily. 

I will be there to support you through challenging behavior your child is having, navigating meals, sleep or other child rearing needs or to give you overall guidance on best practices for young children and healthy relationship building sand strategies for building optimal brain development in your child. 

While living through a stressful pandemic time this support can be crucial to keeping your relationship with your child healthy and strong .

4 Part Series

Parenting Essentials Course 

Based on the Conscious Discipline Philosophy 

Part 1- Systems & Strategies to Create a culture of cooperation

Part 2- Self Esteem Self Confidence & Your relationship

Part 3- Dealing with Difficult Behavior

Part 4- Finding your style & values & 


 daytime class

Evening class

in May 

Mom coaching

As a certified coach, I offer coaching to parents to help them get rid of the feeling of overwhelm and to feel confident, joyful and empowered.  

I am also here to help you achieve your goals that may have gotten lost after having kids. I help you get back to finding You! It really is possible! 

In addition, as a trained life coach I can support you towards reaching goals in any area of your life.  


$150 for one 

$350 for 4 

Practical support to help you be more empowered & confident throughout the different stages in parenting.

You will have more loving, understanding & cooperative relationships.
I'm here to help you get back in touch with your self after becoming a parent & achieve your dreams.

“Mimi truly has a gift when it comes to caring for babies. She is a baby whisperer! I have been so impressed by how quickly she can calm my feisty kiddo and keep her asleep. Mimi’s experienced skills and knowledge have also allowed me to better take care of myself during this significant transition. We are so grateful for her help and support!”

-Lauren Metzger

Mimi is a kind, gentle, and extremely knowledgeable support person who takes the time to understand the nuanced needs of a family. Our time with Mimi was filled with wisdom and warmth, and we fully entrust her with the care of our newborn. Her calming demeanor is salve for anyone going through the postpartum period or experiencing a changing family dynamic."

- Maya Setton 

With Mimi's guidance, wisdom and coaching I was able to realize my larger goals, build better communication and create an accountability plan. I am amazed at the results.     

- Chanie Minkowitz 

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